TITLE:   @GlitchBuchannon

CATEGORY:   Twitter Bot

DATE:   December, 2015

TOOLKITS:   Javascript, Processing, Node.js, Twitter API, Clarifai API, Amazon Web Services


@GlitchBuchannon is a Twitter Bot that periodically searches Twitter for tweets containing an image along with the hashtag #nofilter.  The bot runs as a Node.js app on an Amazon Web Services EC Ubuntu 14.04 server.  When the bot selects a Tweet, it saves the associated image to the server and runs a processing sketch that applies a pixel sorting algorithm ( inspired by Github user tsulej's GenerateMe ).  Before reposting the image to Twitter, the bot makes a request to the Clarifai API that returns a list of tags for the image, it then uses these tags to generate a custom title for the image which it includes in the tweet.  The bot also has interactive features.  If a user follows the bot, it will apply a glitch filter to that user's profile picture and tweet it back to them as a token of thanks.  A user can also send an image to the bot by mentioning '@GlitchFilter' in the body of the tweet, and attaching an image to it.

URL:   https://twitter.com/GlitchBuchannon

@GlitchBucannon's Twitter Profile.

@GlitchBucannon's Twitter Profile.