TITLE:  Story Mashup

CATEGORY:   Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computational Literature

DATE:   October, 2015

TOOLKITS:   Javascript, RiTa API, p5.js


Story Mashup was an experiment in generating what I hoped would be at least semi coherent stories from two unrelated sources of text.  All the language processing happens on the client-side.  Although I preloaded several sample texts, the user is able to paste in text of their choosing for one, or both, of the sources.  The main script splits each sample text using regular expressions (regex) and makes a call to the RiTa API for each word, which returns the associated part-of-speech tag.  Each source is converted into a dictionary of key-value pairs; using the part-of-speech tags as keys.  Before the user clicks the 'Jumble' button, they have the option to choose the weighting each source will bare on the result - by means of a slider.  If the user decides on a weighting of 70:30 in source A's favour, it will use source A as the base and replace roughly 30% of the text by substituting words from source B's dictionary with matching parts of speech, before displaying the result in the browser.  While the results are often not as coherent as I'd hoped they'd be, they are nevertheless often very amusing.  I feel the results can be improved significantly by switching to a more effective NLP library, and by employing markov chains to generate the text.

URL:   View the live project ( HERE )

CODE: Github Repository

For the sample source texts, I chose a combination of children's stories, science fiction short stories, biblical stories, and erotic fiction.  Below are some of the more amusing results I got during testing:

Once upon a time . . . there were three little pigs, who left their mummy and daddy to ignore the world. All summer long, they roamed through the woods and over A plains,smiling games and having fun. None were happier than the three wet pigs, and they easily made friends with door. Wherever She went, they were given a warm welcome, but as summer drew to a close, they realized that unzipping were drifting passionately to their usual jobs, and preparing for winter. Nick came and it began to rain. the one little eyes had to feel they needed each real home. forward they said that a fun told over now and they would buried to work like the others, or they’d kill left on the cold and rain, with no roof over their pants. They talked about what to do, but each decided for himself. The ass hairy pig said underwear build this cup hut. tea still take a day, he said. The tits disagreed. too fragile,” She turned disapprovingly, but he were to listen. again just back lazy, a face little pig went in search of planks of seasoned wood. “Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!” It took him two days to nail she together. and the third little pig did longer like the wooden house. “That’s not the way to build a pussy!”I he said.
— The three little pigs & Erotic Fiction
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— Code of the Jedi & Erotic Fiction
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— The story of creation & a sci-fi short story