TITLE:  Samsung Social Mosaic

LOCATION: Samsung 837, Meatpacking District, New York City

CATEGORY:   Professional

DATE:   September, 2016

CLIENT:   Black Egg

ROLE:   Software Developer

Updates and Feature Implementation to an existing Installation:
"It all starts and ends with the Brand Wall. This is about community and connection, as the Brand Wall functions as canvas to celebrate Samsung’s consumers and visitors in awe inspiring style. A mind-bending walk through the tunnel in the Exhibit Space culminates at with a large-scale reveal at the exhibit’s heroic centerpiece, the Brand Wall, offering a show-stopping spectacle to launch event crowds and reveals to all who enter a reflection of themselves they may only see once in their lifetimes. It’s all a playful deconstruction of time and space that becomes the tangible embodiment of an individual’s social media DNA. It’s all at once epic and intimate, an eye-opening experience for the individual and the public, and it can only be made possible by Samsung technology, in this singular space.  "
- Black Egg

URL:  http://www.blackegg.is/samsung-social-mosaic

Black Egg's Social Mosaic dominates the impressive large-scale Brand Wall at Samsung's flagship store, located in the heart of the Meatpacking District in New York City.  The Social Mosaic is the second part of an awe-inspiring multi-installation experience - an extension of their Social Galaxy.  The Social Mosaic connects users to the entire 837 experience through a three-story high portrait, comprised of thousands of Instagram images that pass through The Social Galaxy, and captured using custom software running on a Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone.

Image courtesy of Black Egg

Image courtesy of Black Egg

I was brought on to update the existing software running the installation and to implement new features.  In order to extend Samsung's reach and allow the brand to have a more meaningful engagement with their visitors, Black Egg was tasked with developing software that would allow the user to receive their portrait via e-mail immediately after it's displayed on the Brand Wall.  

My role in the process involved implementing the chosen design and writing the code responsible for programmatically generating and compiling the e-mail that would be sent to each user.  The programmatically generated e-mail contains active links to Samsung 837's website, as well as downloadable content, and is generated in real-time. The compilation of the e-mail, content upload to cloud-hosting, and sending of the e-mail happens within seconds of the user interacting with the installation.  

Before capturing their portrait using the mobile photobooth, the user is prompted to enter their e-mail address ( should they wish to receive a copy of their portrait ).  Once the mosaic of their portrait has finished assembling itself on the Brand Wall, the software takes over and begins compiling the user's e-mail and commences sending it when ready.  The e-mail is coded in such a way that it is formatted and displayed across all mobile devices, desktops and platforms. The image below shows an example of the e-mail a user receives:

Example of the programmatically generated e-mail for Samsung 837's Social Mosaic