TITLE:  Samsung Social Galaxy, Olympic Park Rio de Janeiro 2016

CATEGORY:   Professional

DATE:   August, 2016

CLIENT:   Black Egg

ROLE:   Software Developer

From Black Egg's website:
"Social Galaxy is an an interactive art installation created by Black Egg, an experiential design studio founded by Kenzo Digital, Lucas Werthein & Marcelo Pontes. Screens capture your past, mirror your present, and project your vision of the future. In this two-part journey, screens stand as the synthesis of technology and identity, leading you through a mind-bending Installation of your social media history. Every thought you’ve had and authored, every moment you’ve captured and posted, have made ripples in the continuum of time and space. These ripples are ever expanding, they intersect with the ripples of countless others, and the galaxy through which they echo is infinite. Ahead lies a dimension where these moments and thoughts - your posts - bring new perspective to who we are as individuals and social beings. Through the lens of Samsung technology, be prepared to transcend your identity, attain an everlasting home within the walls of Samsung Rio Olympics 2016, and find your place in the galactic expanse of social consciousness. "

URL:   http://www.blackegg.is/sgrio

The installation formed part of Samsung's Galaxy Studio at The Olympic Park for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The installation itself is a variation of another of Black Egg's collaboration's with Samsung; The Social Galaxy at Samsung 837; their flagship store in the Meatpacking District of New York City.

My role as Black Egg's software developer involved adapting and modifying the original codebase to work with the specific requirements of the Rio project's hardware configuration and installation setup.  In addition to ensuring the functional integrity of the installation, I implemented new features and designs to the mobile user interface used to control the experience.

Image courtesy of Black Egg

The installation is an infinitely reflected tunnel of screens, phones and tablets, with the illusion completed by mirrored floors and walls.  Visitors enter their Instagram handle into a mobile device before entering into the installation.  The visitor is then surrounded by imagery from their own Instagram feed.  Comments and hashtags from the visitor's own images populate the screens, in addition to being narrated by an omnipresent voice.

All images courtesy of Black Egg