TITLE:  Mechanical Bird

CATEGORY:   Kinetic Sculpture, Mechanical design, Mechanisms

DATE:   March, 2015

TOOLKITS:   Solidworks, Epilog Laser Cutter


Mechanical Bird was my first attempt at designing and building a kinetic sculpture.  Each wing uses a four-bar linkage to create the flapping motion.  The four-bars are each driven by a 24-tooth gear, which are in turn driven by a chain-drive system. A 12V DC gearhead motor, fixed to the base of the sculpture, drives the system.  Before beginning fabrication, I modeled the structure and mechanisms using Solidworks, then used an Epilog 75W lasercutter to cut out the frame from 1/8" plywood.  The mechanical components were sourced from McMaster-Carr.

Wing mechanism showing dual four-bar linkages

The parts as they were for laser cutting.