This is Xoma Ayob.  He's a resident of the Hangberg community in Hout Bay, which is situated in Cape Town, South Africa.  Local government wanted to move him out of his existing home, an informal dwelling erected on municipal land.
 The government wanted to move him into one of these existing TRA homes, but he outright refused.  These structures are poorly built, badly insulated and let in very little natural light.
 Together, Steven Lamb (right) and Andrew Lord (left) of Touching the Earth Lightly, were asked to construct a vertical food garden on the sun-facing wall of one of these TRAs, in an attempt to convince Xoma to move.  Instead, they persuaded local government to allocate them the equivalent budget that would allow them to build Xoma a new home.  By including Xoma in the co-design process, the project quickly became a showcase for how design can become a dialogue between equals.
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