TITLE:  Instagram Tangible Interface

CATEGORY:   Tangible User Interface, Interactive Installation

DATE:   November, 2014

TOOLKITS:   Processing, Arduino, Solidworks, Instagram API


We created a prototype of a Tangible User Interface ( TUI ) that gives users the ability to interact with their Instagram feed in a truly unique way.  The software was built using Processing and makes use of the Instagram API.  On loading, the application makes a call to the Instagram API, using the user's credentials for authentication, and loads the images from the their feed into the application.  The images are arranged in 3x3 grid and projected onto the surface of the TUI.  The input is handled by an Arduino Uno and two custom-built distance sensors.  The distance sensors use a combination of infrared (IR) diodes (receivers and emitters).  Each distance sensor is used to detect the presence of the user's hand, allowing the user to navigate through their Instagram feed by swiping their hand through the air.


Video showing exploded view of Instagram TUI.