TITLE:   GOTblock (Game of Thrones content blocker)

CATEGORY:   Chrome Extension

DATE:   January, 2016

TOOLKITS:   Javascript


Those who know me well know that I am not a fan of the television show "Game of Thrones".  In fact, I have quite strong negative feelings toward it, and I struggle to understand the general population's obsession with the show.  The internet is a place of free speech, and unfortunately many people exercise that freedom of speech to talk about Game of Thrones. With the impending release of season number who-cares, I wanted a way to 'opt out' of having to see, read, or hear about it.  So I created GOTblock.

GOTblock is a Google Chrome Browser Extension that removes all Game of Thrones related content from the browser, including images.  It works by comparing every element (essentially every element in the HTML page) against a list of keywords that relate to the show.  If it finds a tag, or container, that contains one ore more of these keywords, it replaces the element with the phrase "This content has been removed!".  In addition to removing the text, the extension searches the attributes of every image on the page.  If any image's attributes contain one of the keywords, that image is hidden from the user.  I decided not completely remove the image, as I didn't want to upset the page's formatting.  Unfortunately, if the content's creator has misspelled anything, or if the images' metadata doesn't contain any wording relating to the show, the extension is unable to recognise it as content that needs to be removed. 

URL:  Available in the Chrome Webstore

GOTblock in the Google Chrome Webstore

Some before and after images of the extension in action...