TITLE:   Glass

CATEGORY:   Documentary short film and Photo essay

DATE:   December, 2014

TOOLKITS:   Canon MK II DLSR, GoPro Hero 3, Adobe Premiere CC

COLLABORATORS:   Yuhang 'Jedy' Chen, Xialong Mu

Glass is a short documentary film and video essay that chronicles a day in the life of Brooklyn-based glass blower Andrew Hughes.  The film was created as part of the Sound & Video foundation course for NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.  The film was shot, produced and edited as a collaborative effort between Xialong Mu, Yuhang Jedy Chen and myself.  Andrew is assisted by Daniel O'Shea.   A very special thanks to the both of them for allowing us to observe and document them while they worked.

URL:   https://vimeo.com/113888286

We were lucky enough to get Andrew to wear a GoPro camera, which allowed us to get some great footage from his perspective.