TITLE:  Deconstruction

CATEGORY:   Motion Graphics, Animation, Wide-format video

DATE:   December, 2015

TOOLKITS:   Cinema4D, Adobe Premiere

COLLABORATORS:   Zhen Liu, Justin Peake (Music)


Deconstruction is an animated short film that depicts the abstract process of analyzing The Self.  We are all multifaceted. Our personalities are a concoction of characters; both meticulously and haphazardly constructed by the conscious and unconscious mind. Join us in examining the building blocks of who we really are.

I worked alongside Zhen Liu, a fellow student at ITP, to create the 3 minute animated short-film.  I focused primarily on the animation and motion graphics, working in Cinema4D, and Zhen was responsible for editing and the final composition.  The animation was produced for the Big Screens class at ITP, with the final piece being shown at the Big Screens showcase in December, 2015 at the IAC building in Chelsea, New York City.  The screen in the lobby of the IAC building is the largest wide-format LED display in the United States.  It spans an impressive 120ft and has a resolution of 11520 x 1080.