TITLE:  Circuit Design

CATEGORY:   Electronics, Circuit Design, Fabrication.

DATE:   October - December, 2015

TOOLKITS:   EagleCAD, Arduino, Roland CNC Mill, OtherMill


As part of my Master's at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, I took a class called 'Homemade Hardware' that focused on the design and fabrication of custom circuitboards. Often using existing opensource hardware, such as the Arduino, and various breakout boards from companies like SparkFun and Adafruit, I designed and fabricated my own circuitboards. I utilized two different methods: acid etching, and CNC milling and placed the SMT components using a manual pick-n-place machine.  All circuits were designed using the freeware EAGLE PCB design software.

Arduino Uno:

Milling a custom PCB using the OtherMill

Custom Arduino Uno ( ATmega328 - TQFP ) with RFM69HW radio module:

USB LiPo battery charger: