Homemade Hardware: Final Project

CNC Light-Printer: Lighting Control Module

The project presented below is part of an yet-to-be completed project.  The larger project is described in detail here.  My goal for my Homemade Hardware final was to create a working prototype of the Lighting Control Module (LCM).

The LCM will be responsible for "painting" with light, with the movement of the module controlled by the Motor Control Module (MCM) which is undergoing development and refinement.  The LCM comprises two separate PCBs, one that houses the WS2012B addressable LED, and one which houses the microcontroller and radio module.  Both PCBs are housed in a 3D printed structure, which is suspended by cables, each of which is controlled by a stepper motor.  The list of components for the LCM is as follows:

> WS2012B LED
> Moteino R4 (with 915MHz RFM69HW radio module)
> 3.7V, 150mAH LiPo Cell

The circuit board schematics and board designs for the separate PCBs are shown below:

LCM module - PCB for microcontroller and Radio module

PCB board design for microcontroller and radio module

The LCM and MCM receive signals from the server (standalone application with which the user interacts).  The user creates an image using the application.  When the user clicks "print", the application converts the image into a set of co-ordinates with associated color values (similar to a custom type of g-code).  The co-ordinates are sent to the MCM, which drives the two stepper motors and moves the LCM into position.  At the same time, the LCM receives the color values and sets the LED to the necessary color, depending on the given co-ordinate.  The project is a work in progress, and will be continually developed throughout my thesis project.

The images below show the design and fabrication phase of the LCM: