Big Screens - Week 5: 100 images

For week 5 we prepared our 100 images.  We wanted to get a feel for the general aesthetic, as well as the use of colour and lack thereof.  It was a productive, successful session that gave us several ideas and helped us to further refine our concept.  The images presented below represent those that were the most useful for us.

These are the conclusions we drew from the session:

> Lines with a thickness of 2px look the cleanest without being too bold.
> White content on a black background looks much better than the reverse.
> A combination of half black/white vertical split screen creates an interesting aesthetic.
> Gradients were surprisingly smooth and could be used to good effect.
> By varying alpha transparency, and size, of elements, a sense of depth is created.
> Particles will look better without a blur effect.
> A highly reflective black surface, like anodized metal, is very pleasing on the eye.
> We expected not to see reflections due to resolution issues, but were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the images.
> The use of grids / meshes allows the whole audience to engage with the content, instead of say a single tunnel.
> Colour could be an interesting way to highlight a "character", in the traditional sense, by singling out a single abstract element and making it identifiable regardless of form.
> When considering things like patterns, it could be visually a lot more interesting to rotate the entire collection of elements, as opposed to rotating each individual element.

Moving forward:

The aim is to have sketches/code that we can test in real-time for the next trip to IAC. We'll begin by prototying the visual elements discussed above and animating them.