NOTHING - Week 9: Thoughts on "Justification of Putting the Audience Through a Difficult Evening"

I like the insight offered by the writer.  I feel like the scariest "villains" portrayed in films and television are the ones we can readily identify with.  Making things "relatable" is an important way to convey the themes of the story you're trying to tell. Peoples' perception of evil, or evil people, is definitely shaped by mainstream media.  You always hear about the interviews with neighbours of serial killers who say things like "but they seemed so normal".  Our perception of what evil looks like has been shaped by caricatures of evil people.  Who's to say that Donald Trump isn't the next Adolf Hitler?

I also like that he raises the issue of having the right to comment on certain issues.  The ability to offer an objective viewpoint is so critical in so many situations.  Being a white male from a middle class family doesn't put me in the best position to talk about systemic racism, poverty, women's rights etc., but that doesn't mean I might not have a meaningful contribution to make.  In terms of exposing an audience to certain issues, the world could use more difficult or uncomfortable experiences to force people to really think, and approach the topics from a different perspective, instead of being spoon fed all the bullshit generated by popular culture.